half an hour from paradise

We came up with the title for this new project when explaining to friends where we live.

Marseille is a new place we are exploring, and thanks to our guests in the summer, we keep finding new and exciting sides to it. We have our favorite spots for hanging out and plans to discover more. The sea, the mountains and a busy centre are all around half an hour from us.

We propose to explore the city, the village, the place you call yours. How do you mark it, how do you explain it, what makes it your home? So it's all about your space.


Private View Party happened on 19th September 2009 from 17.00

We also proposed for everybody who play any musical instruments to pack them in their bags as they might want to join the jamming session at the end of the evening!

This time as well as showing a lot of painting, drawing and photography we had a big screen cinema for the great collection of short films from Kerry Baldry, video-artist and curator from UK.

Still from Nick Jordan's video How the Air Feels, One Minute Volume 3

She continued a good tradition of screening her famous touring film collection in Marseille Project Gallery by bringing One Minute ( Volume 3). Last year we showed her Volume 2, which stirred both curiosity and debate about the contemporary art. We love that!

One minute Volume 3 curated by Kerry Baldry is the latest in a series of programmes of contemporary artists moving image. All with one thing in common that each work is one minute in duration. A diverse range of techniques have been employed in this compilation including video, 16mm film, super 8, animation, handmade and digital
Volume 3 artists:
Marty St.James, Louisa Minkin, Martin Pickles, Eva Rudlinger, Emily Richardson, Gordon Dawson, Nick Jordan, Richard Tuohy, Alex Pearl, Hollington & Kyprianou, Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore, Katherine Meynell, Gary Peploe, Rose Butler, Leister/Harris, Kerry Baldry, Stuart Pound, Samantha Clark, Tansy Spinks, Tony Hill, Steven Ball, Virginia Hilyard, Dave Griffiths, Mark Wigan, Daniela Butsch, Nynke Deinema, Claire Morales, Nicolas Herbert, Matthew Rowe and Tina Keane.

Also we were very happy to welcome again our artists-filmmakers Simon Laurent, Strasbourg (France) with series of new photographs, Natalie Kulbashna, Kiev (Ukraine) and Beate Gordes Cologne (Germany) with animation and films.

Still from video Starlings by Beate Gordes

"I choose to show this film, because it reminds me on a favorite place of mine. almost every year it is home for me for 4 weeks, - mostly in september. I spend always high creativity time there. the place is called "Schönhagen". it is directly the coast of the German Baltic sea.(near Denmark) the birds are gathering for the long flight to the south. they have to change their residences- which is the same feeling I often have in my life....it is the life-feeling as an artist: the always recurrent preparation for coming and going, because "paradise is only 1/2 an hour....."


"For this show I finished a project 'My Garden'. It's a series of paintings made out of materiels I found in the garden, mud, flowers, leafs. I recorded the process of making on the video and exhibited both paintings and film.

It was my debut in film making so I was anxious to see the reaction of the viewers, and was really grateful for the wonderful feedback and support I received. Thank you everybody." said Lira Kay.


Stills from video "My Garden" by Lira Kay

Also in the film screening program we showed:

Daniel Kanaan, Marseille, “To the Park”. Film was made in London 2007 in the Batersea Park.
Short film and sound montage “Voyager” by Mik Peter Rasmussen Danish painter, photographer and video artist. A universal voyage presenting original artworks, observations and reflections during the 9:11 production. 

“Voyager” by Mik Peter Rasmussen

Sabina Ivascu, Romanian artist from Bucharest, presenting “The Walkers” and “About”
Lira Kay, Marseille, showing her site-specific art-performance made into a short film “Garden” and mud-paintings made especially for the exhibition.

Also the photography by Carol Germond from Saint Sazere. She is better known for her watercolours and ceramic work and this is her premier in photography. It was facinating to recognise that tender romantic style of her paintings is showing trough her photographs as well.

There were different ways to interpret our proposed theme “Half an Hour from Paradise”.
Daniel Kanaan explored the area around his home, producing several landscapes in gouache and oil. The series was a focal point of the exhibition for a long time as our locals spend houres talking about so familier places. And then as an icing on the cake Danny was commissioned a painting, a sityscape!


These are the flashlights of the show including the jamming very very late night.







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